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My goal is to provide the best orthopedic care in Southeast Idaho by giving this region the same quality and excellence found in major academic centers.  I have found that being genuinely interested in the wellbeing of my patients elevates my satisfaction of being a physician. I have been trained by a collection of surgeons that represent the most prestigious shoulder centers in the world; Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and France.  I have been able to bring all these centers into one practice here is Southeast Idaho.  My practice is based on researched surgical techniques which have shaped the forefront of shoulder surgery over the last 20 years.  It is my mission to continue this tradition and help lead the future of shoulder surgery for the next 20 years.  I am currently involved in developing new surgical approaches for shoulder replacements that will accelerate recovery and decrease complications. I am also involved in developing robotic techniques for shoulder replacements.  Currently, I use the latest in 3D pre-operative planning, pain control and blood management during surgery.  To date, we are the only site in the state of Idaho for arthroscopic management for the snapping scapula, while also being the only formally trained surgeon in the region that practices regenerative medicine utilizing cellular technology with stem cells and PRP  in conjunction with surgical techniques.   All of this is done to provide the residents of our region with the latest techniques to facilitate the best outcomes, and a speedy recovery to a pain free life. 

 nathan Richardson, M.D  

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